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Monday, 12 January 2015

Swami Vivekananda - The true Indian

                   Today, Jan 12 th I would like to write about a genius who lived in India. This man was really a legend who influenced millions of people and awaken them from   their weakness. That man is non other Swami Vivekananda.Today is his 152th birthday.We consider his birthday as an inspiring day to the youth in India. He was really the manifestation of the power of the great Indian culture and Upanishads and Vedas.
               When we remember Swamiji the things comes to our mind were unlimited energy, unlimited knowledge and unlimited love. He influenced many during his life time and still that happening. That was his amazing personality. It will last for ever.The very picture of Swamiji will awaken the ignorant mind.
                    Swamiji was born in kolkatha in Jan 12th 1863. From the child hood itself people noticed him because of  his magnificent personality. From the early times itself he was skilled in sports, singing etc. He was very energetic and brave. After the graduation in philosophy Swamiji met the great Sriramakrishna Paramahamsa. This also because of his never ending thirst to seek the truth. He en-quired to all the legends he met whether they seen the God or not. No one given the satisfieng answer. At last the journey ended in Ramakrishna Paramhamsa . That man told him that he had seen God as clear as he see Swamiji. This amazed  Swamiji and he started his remaing life with Ramakrishna. During that period Swamiji was realized and found answer to all his questions. After the death of his guru, Swamiji went outside to midst of people.
                    Swamji travelled all over India and also to some foreign countries. His chickaco speech was well known. The news papers of America mentioned him as the "Indian Cyclone".  Swamiji was really a hero among the saints. Through him the world saw unlimited power of India. He insisted the people to believe in  them selves. He make them convince that there is know limitation to human power. His religion was really the faith in the self. he told people face the brutal aspects of life. The two things were parallel among his ideas were "faith in the self" and "Unselfish work". He insisted the world that all the power is within the human being so to go ahead. He was multi dimensional personality he is a great philosopher, worker, devotee, and highly knoledged person. All the four paths clubbed together in him.What we need to do is to take what ever we need from his teachings. 
                    Through my blog "Life in 360 Degree" I remember that legendary man. Lets take his teaching and make it useful in our life. I am concluding  this by Swamiji's one of the great theought "AWAKE ARRISE AND STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL IS ACHIEVED".

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