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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The cat says.........

                   Now i would like to share with you a simple incident in my life. I sometimes accompany my mother during she prepares the fish outside the house. That session contains the cutting and clearing of the fish parts. Thus to prepare it for cooking. As i mentioned earlier that used to happen outside the home. So that there will be more outsiders to witness that process such crows and cats.last few months there were 8 cats who were born on two sets but having the same age. So they will be always a team. During watching this process all the cats will be there together. Most of the times there will be their mothers and other elder cats . So a team of cats will be present during that times. Fish is the favorite food for cats but they stay a little distance away from my mother and me. Actually they are afraid of us. Usually they will wait for the completion of the whole process and will take the remaining little parts. After some days a different thing happened!. A cat from the group who is cute and weak in appearance seem to move closer to us. He is afraid but he seem to be taking risk.But he didn't over come his fear in that day. He improved day by day. Each times he improved. After some days he reached very close to us.  He understood that no need for fearing much. There is no threats in that. Finally after some more days he over came all his fears and became friends to us. Through this  not only his fear disappeared but also he got large parts of fish. The interesting thing was the smallest and weakest cat among the cats succeeded by his brave attempt at the same time the remaining group which contains elders, strong ones remained in the same position of the first day. The hero cat didn't wasted his time in fighting for small parts of food after the completion of the whole process. This continued. His brave attempt made him close to us and he got freedom every were in the home. This also opened door to different different food items and other comforts. I think that the other cats may already  became  envious to the hero....
                  The thing i noticed was, through the act of this little cat it tell us a great lessen. The cat got all his achievements through risk taking. He was different from others in the sense that he faced the brutal. He risked his life but through that he understood that his fear was an illusionary .He thought different and  faced his life. Through this facing he over came his weaknesses. And lived and still living like a king.The cat says us to face the life without any inhibition and to become a hero.

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