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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Most popular but still missing.............

        Today i would like to talk to you about a man who is the most popular one but still is missing. This man is familiar to everyone in terms of his qualities but still not there. Everybody striving to reach that man but constantly failing. Every time every were the society fix him as a standard. This man having every qualities a human being. So he remains a target to every one. The interesting thing is that even though he is the most wanted one no one found him alive. The whole humanity think that he is some were here or there and hoping that they will get a chance to catch him.
       Who is this man??. Did you have any idea?. OK then i will tell you.This is a concept of an IDEAL MAN exist in society.When a child born to this earth, his/her parents and the rest constantly push him to reach that concept. One who growing up in this well world put his/her full efforts to become this. This ideal man is not an universal man. Because ideal man having certain standard to the place and time were that exist.The society consider one deviating from this has one who lost sensibility. The most deviated man is the most failure(the society consider likewise). The intention here is to create a uniformity even though it is an impossible idea. but it creates a pressure in the society very well. And even though some mange it to some extent, rest lives in complete misery.
       Now lets come to the effect of this tendency or concept to the individual level. One who growing up in the society comes through various levels of this practice. The major reason i bring this aspect of life in front of you is because of its negative effects in individual level. One who going through this passing through severe mental strain. Of course there are people who manage it easily. Some constantly get into suffering then to depression.When it come to such a stage it is dangerous.Another thing that happens through is that people become very ordinary.They think common, act common and pass through this world without marking their own signature. It kills the uniqueness inherent in each and every human being. Every human being is a rare and unique one in himself/herself.It hinders that uniqueness from expressing. People limiting them selves.This do's and don'ts pull back from brave attempts.This things not only limiting the creativity of people but also creating a guilt feeling in them. When people do something deviated from this ideal concept they create a guilt feeling that they have done something wrong or in vain. This constant pretending gives them a mask. Then they live as if they are somebody else. They are losing their genuineness. When somebody expose their real nature they become nervous and lost and fall to the well of feelings and losing total control. This lead to a human being with complete dissatisfaction, insecurity and perfect inferiority complex. Such person will naturally create uncertainty in the world.
       Every human being is born with a  special mission and a set of inherent tendencies. When a person understand himself take efforts to accomplish his mission will only achieve real satisfaction. The journey to discover ourself it self is an amazing journey. That alone will give us happiness. So rather than trying to be an impossible ideal man it is good to explore what is possible to us. A garden with different color flowers is far more beautiful than one with same colors. Lets go beyond our weakness an strengths and become the beautiful and unique flower which the God intended to through us. It is the real worship.

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