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Monday, 23 March 2015

Festivals of Kerala

        The God's Own Country - Kerala always rich in terms of festivals. Through this celebrations they showcase their culture, art, tradition and happiness to the out side world. It is different in terms of way of conducting, time of conducting, place of conducting but the only intention here is CELEBRATION.
       The major attraction and advantage of such celebrations are nothing but it unite different religions, casts and all other divisions. Festivals of Kerala were rich in terms of colors, music, smells etc. Thus it refresh all the sensory organs and it represent a kind of hope to the people living there. During festive times they forget their sorrows and be one with the joy of celebrations. The festivals of Kerala are based on certain things. Some festivals are based on nature, that is the change of seasons, change of nature etc. VISHU is such a celebration which highly based on the agricultural aspect of Kerala. And Celebrations are also based on Temples such as the "POORAM" which celebrated based on Goddess temples. Certain celebrations are also based on the myths and Puranas or Epic stories
Most of them are based on the victories achieved by heroic people in such stories.
           Through this festivals a new rejuvenated energy enters into the people. This festivals give an opportunity to perform their  talents. Many art forms are performed related to this festive seasons. So this enhance and boost peoples confidence.
      Apart from the cultural and artistic aspects it also boost the Financial side. It opens a wide chance for people and company to market their products. This include small individual sellers and large corporate companies. It leads to high cash flow. This not only attract native people also tourists who are from outside Kerala. This include people from other states and other countries. It provide a huge chance for Kerala to market and promote their products to the outside world. This  festive seasons also provide various kinds of employment opportunities. Now the textile shops, jewelery shops, channels are great beneficiary of the festive seasons.
     So as a conclusion we could say that this festivals of Kerala encourage both cultural, economic aspects.THROUGH THIS THE GODS OWN COUNTRY JUSTIFIES ITS NAME.

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