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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Lets take a SELFIE..............

 While moving along the milky way The Earth seemed to be with a smile and an eager to do something. Other planets noticed this and one of them asked the earth "what happened". The earth smiled and show them a gesture to come close. They do that but they didn't understand what he is doing. While all come together the earth took his smartphone and took a GRAND SELFIE. While other one who is always smiling took the back position who is known as the Sun. After that grand selfie The Earth uploaded it to the fb with a caption "Rocking With Friends On The Milky Way".
         Friends this is a just funny story but the situation is quiet similar. We are now living in a world of selfies. This selfie phenomenon is now universal. The real socialism is true in the case of the selfies. It is regardless of the boundaries of countries, language, situations, emotions , gender in short all the the divisions. 
         The selfies are the photographs taken from the mobile phone front cameras. The interesting thing is that the front cameras are there from the time mobile cameras entered in to the market. People didn't take care for that during that time, it can be because of its less clarity or limitations of click. Now the situation is changed the selfie became a star. What made it a star is still unknown but it took a deep curve and a tremendous growth. Now small kids and elder people are taking selfies. It became an addiction. Now lets see selfie every were. The ordinary man taking selfie with his friends and the presidents of a country taking selfie with another nation's president during the times of get-together. Lets say the mobile phones are just rotated in 180 degree just because of this selfie. There are even apps in the market only for selfies.Just selfie that is the new age mantra.
       Selfie can be said as a self portrait.It reflect us in front of our selves.What if, if the selfie contribute more to our life?? you may wondering how, simple, in normal selfie we took our physical appearance. Just take a selfie into our life. we are moving ahead in this fast world with maximum speed. Just stop for a moment and think about what we are doing and were we are going. Its an attempt of self introspection to understand ourself. We have so many informations but most of them don't realize their own self. While taking the selfie of our life we understand us very much. When we do that we understand others. It helps us to take care of our behaviors, relationships and most important thing is it regain our genuineness.Each selfie make us remember  our own life. So friends come lets take a selfie.

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