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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Dubsmash - The New Trend

    Now the youngsters are quite busy, You know why they are nowadays fully engaged in acting. While hearing this, you may think that they are going to enter into films or dramas. It takes a few time for them to act. Its sound strange isn't it ?. Well I am talking about the new application Dubsmash, were it is possible!.
    Dubsmash is a video messaging application developed for Android and IOS mobile platforms. In this application you can create videos of yours for famous dialogs. The Application helps to select different options and you can record your own video for that. After creating your videos, you can also share it on social medias such as Facebook, Whatsup etc.
    This application and its outputs nowadays goes viral on internet.If you are a good actor it can create a wide response among the viewers and create good impression on them.Those who have interest in acting can  use this as an evident for their talent. 
    The app will be available on the following site  use it and explore it yourself.

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