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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Ichthyology - The Fish Science

     We human beings are very much interested in fish items. It belongs to our favorites food items. Many people live with the money they earn through fish related business. There are millimeter sized fishes to large sized fishes like Blue Whales. So fishes plays a major role in our society. Have you ever think of a science related to fish ?. Then there is one such science. It is known as Ichthyology.
     The branch of biology which devoted to the study of fish is known as Ichthyology. Large number of studies have been happening through this section of science. It include Bony , Cartilaginous and Jaw less fishes. This study describes 250 species every year. The study of fishes started in earlier days by the hunters. The study originated from human desire to feed, clothe and equip with useful implements. The study started in earlier days continues still now. 
     This area is having wide scope in the current scenario. This branch of biology not only useful in academic aspects but also for economic and social purposes. The developments in this area helps the cultivators in this field. It helps them to understand fishes better and use technology(for cultivation and further processing) accordingly to earn more profit. There are wide range of employment opportunities also. The scientists who work under this branch of study known as Ichthyologists. Those who love fishes can apt this field as their career. Fishes are one of the important resources of our country. This area of study also boosts the income through fish resources. Thus strengthen our economy. It also contribute to the welfare of people living nearest to seaways.
     The Scope of Ichthyology is as wide as the sea. Let us explore more into this and utilize it for the betterment of the society.

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