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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Impacts made by social medias in case of social Agendas

               Social medias are one of the powerful medias among others. Why this much of importance to social medias? The answer is simple, because of its wide reach to the mass.When a issue is spread across  social medias its speed is limitless. Nowadays a word used to represent that, it is"Viral". People mention it as " the matter going as viral in social medias". It helps to grab the attention of  wide range of people. So this wide reach in short span of helps to inform people easily.
                 There are different kind of situations which need immediate actions. For example if a baby need immediate blood, we could use this medium for informing public . It can be used effectively in man missing cases also. Social medias such as face book , whatsapp  were very much suitable for this. It can be effectively used to make aware of criminals in front of public. The social reforms can also be made strong by social medias. The movement against terrorism, Racism, Child labor, attacks towards children and women , protest against corruption  can be developed through the support of this social medias. The wide publicity act as a support here. 
                  So the advantage of social medias is there what we need to do is to use them properly. We could club this social medias with our Government, Judiciary, Social sectors and finally public. It helps to reduce crimes, it helps to increase social welfare. The government need to create more awareness on people regarding the positive impacts of social medias. Public should be educated. We are living in world which goes with technological explosions.So i would like to put forward a slogan that is " Social medias for social welfare".
                 Social medias play a vital role in current society. Its influence on people is very much. Even though Social medias helps the society in boosting social agendas we need to consider the negative impacts also. The negative impacts were also not less in number. Many anti social people utilizing it and causing tremendous problem to the public.
                 In case of highlighting social agendas the social medias having major role. Some times it manipulate the real matter and helps to reach the wrong information to the people. People having personal interest can utilize this for their own purpose and make people believe their ideas. This can be widely scene in banned organizations. Organizations of terrorists attracts people for their interest. The major thing is that the social medias provide image, video, audio formats so the information passes like this create high influence in people. It also lead to make simple problems into complex ones that also a major problem. The social medias provide a large platforms to represent anonymous comments. People engage in unnecessary fights even without seeing directly. They cant able to understand each other.So through this chain reactions the problems increases and it doesn't find any solution also. This social mediums also make wrong image about people who are true to the public. The support of picture edited through Photoshop also help to make wrong information s, which are actually illusionary
                 So we need to channelize it in proper way. Everything has two sides like coins. We users need to use that in correct way. The cyber section need to be more aware of this. The social medias should be monitored continues manner without effecting the peoples freedom.Lets use the social medias for the welfare of the society.

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