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Monday, 25 May 2015

Silent Valley - The Green Carpet of Kerala

     Kerala is famous for the greenery. We could see a lot of places which satisfies the saying also. Silent Valley is a major contributer to this. It is a place which undisturbed by human beings. It is as pure as it is. It is the "Green Carpet" of Kerala. Apart from the beauty it is one of the finest tourist places in Kerala.
     Silent Valley located in the Nilgiri Hills which is situated in Palakkad, Kerala. This place was historically explored in 1847(English exploration). It is the largest national park in Kerala. The specialty of the place is that when you entered into the region of Silent Valley, all the places were precious. You can't miss a single second of your journey. It is not about reaching a special point and returning after seeing. The travelling itself is a thrill. It is a continues process. And another thing is that Silent Valley gives each traveler a unique experience. Any time anything can happen during the journey through the forest. You may come across with wild animals. Some times it may entertain you, another time it may threaten you. Every journey is fresh and unique. You cannot compare it with others.You have to be in total awareness in order to get a thrilling experience. The green forest will showcase wonderful things in front of you. It seems the forest is very much interested to treat his/her guests. There are wide variety of items over there. Natural diversity and wild life is the back bone of this place. From shortest blood sucking creepers to tremendous hunters like Tigers were living there. The Lion tailed Macaques were the special species over there. This rich bio diversity corporates with various rivers over there. Kunthipuzha is major one among them.
    If you are a hardcore fan of nature then you shouldn't miss Silent Valley. Get set ready, Silent Valley is waiting for you to showcase  its resources. Get a royal Welcome, the green carpet is ready.

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