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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Mobile Technology - A boon to business

     It is said that when the world comes to the  hands of a person, he is successful and the most powerful man. You might think that it is almost an impossible thing. But it is true, if you are willing and adaptable. Now the victory lies far more nearest to the hands, it is just a touch away. I am talking to you about the incredible mobile technology. If you know how to use that then you will be a winner. It will add value to both your personal and professional life. The scope of mobile technology is vast in the case of business. Here I would like to invite your attention, to the support given by mobile technology to business.
Integration of the organization :
     Mobile technology helps to integrate the whole organization.Various departments of an organization can be integrated through the mobile applications. Different departments can use different resources at a time without limiting them to an office. This saves time, reduce conflicts and decisions can be made easily  at low cost.
     This applications you use can be kept safe through passwords and other biometric applications. So your information will not be used by unauthorised users. 
Provides easy communication:
     Mobile technology provide easy way of communication. It helps you to connect with employees, vendors and customers. You don't need to reach all the places. Every person associated with your business will be connected with you all the time.
Reduce complexity of operation:
     It reduce the complexity of your organization. All the information were systematized. It reduce paper work of your organization. storing and retrieving of information becomes easy. So it act as a better platform for maintenance.
Make you updated:
     The smart phones and other devices will make you updated about the current information in the market. The information such as Stock market trends, Government policies, Weather reports and current trends in the industry were you were operating. All the updated information will reach you within seconds  through a touch.
Helps to create simulations matching your business:
    Mobile technology helps in planning your future ideas using simulations. It can be visual and in other mediums. If you are a product centric organization you can design and share the new proposed models to the corresponding people.It gives you a clear idea.
Effective medium for business promotion:
     Mobile technology can be used as effective medium for business promotion. The applications you develop for customers can create a better awareness on them regarding the products. And also you can provide options for them to leave their feedback after using the app service. It will give you an idea about the mindset of customers.
Create more markets:
      In earlier days business limited to the places were they are physically present. but now the technological advancements such as mobile technology helps your business to reach the markets were you are not physically present. So it reduces the barriers of  place.
Helps to keep a better customer service system:
     You can use mobile technology to track the customer service system from anywhere. You will get immediate feed back and can rectify whenever it is possible. So through this you can satisfy customers easily.
Finally It reduces total expense to run a business:
     It is true that integrating information systems such as mobile technology into your business create some expense in the beginning. But after ward it reduces the expenses through out your business. It will help you to save many times and times, more than you spend at the beginning.
     Mobile technology can be considered as the greatest boon to the business sector. Are you a dynamic business man? .Then you shouldn't be late. Jump into the ocean of technology and be the most successful business man in the world. Your victory is just a touch away.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Limca Book of Records

     Human Beings are with immense potential. There are infinite possibilities lies in him/her. Our experience in life helps us to discover that. When we try to develop that, we are on the right path. In order to develop this talents, one thing is necessary. It is Appreciation. When he/she gets proper appreciation and recognition they will explore more on to that. It creates confidence in them. Such a way of life will mark them in a unique position in he world. In India there is such a recognition is there to honor talents, it is called Limca Book of Records.
     Limca Book of Records is an annual book published in India documenting human and natural world records. This book was earlier owned by Parle group and now owned by Coca Cola. The first edition of this book was published in India in 1990 when the brand Limca was owned by Parle. In 1993 the brand Limca was sold to Coca Cola. Through that , from that year onwards this book is published by Coca Cola. Last edition of the book( 26th edition) was launched at the Jaipur Literature Festival in January 2015. The book includes the records in education, sports, medical science, agriculture, business, nature, adventure, radio and cinema. This book is published annually in three languages; English, Hindi and Malayalam. People from different parts of the world proving their outstanding talents and keep on marking their names to the book.
     If you are so confident about your talent and can create a record on that, give a try. If you fail, your talent will get polished and developed. If you win, you will mark yourself in the world.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Ichthyology - The Fish Science

     We human beings are very much interested in fish items. It belongs to our favorites food items. Many people live with the money they earn through fish related business. There are millimeter sized fishes to large sized fishes like Blue Whales. So fishes plays a major role in our society. Have you ever think of a science related to fish ?. Then there is one such science. It is known as Ichthyology.
     The branch of biology which devoted to the study of fish is known as Ichthyology. Large number of studies have been happening through this section of science. It include Bony , Cartilaginous and Jaw less fishes. This study describes 250 species every year. The study of fishes started in earlier days by the hunters. The study originated from human desire to feed, clothe and equip with useful implements. The study started in earlier days continues still now. 
     This area is having wide scope in the current scenario. This branch of biology not only useful in academic aspects but also for economic and social purposes. The developments in this area helps the cultivators in this field. It helps them to understand fishes better and use technology(for cultivation and further processing) accordingly to earn more profit. There are wide range of employment opportunities also. The scientists who work under this branch of study known as Ichthyologists. Those who love fishes can apt this field as their career. Fishes are one of the important resources of our country. This area of study also boosts the income through fish resources. Thus strengthen our economy. It also contribute to the welfare of people living nearest to seaways.
     The Scope of Ichthyology is as wide as the sea. Let us explore more into this and utilize it for the betterment of the society.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Silent Valley - The Green Carpet of Kerala

     Kerala is famous for the greenery. We could see a lot of places which satisfies the saying also. Silent Valley is a major contributer to this. It is a place which undisturbed by human beings. It is as pure as it is. It is the "Green Carpet" of Kerala. Apart from the beauty it is one of the finest tourist places in Kerala.
     Silent Valley located in the Nilgiri Hills which is situated in Palakkad, Kerala. This place was historically explored in 1847(English exploration). It is the largest national park in Kerala. The specialty of the place is that when you entered into the region of Silent Valley, all the places were precious. You can't miss a single second of your journey. It is not about reaching a special point and returning after seeing. The travelling itself is a thrill. It is a continues process. And another thing is that Silent Valley gives each traveler a unique experience. Any time anything can happen during the journey through the forest. You may come across with wild animals. Some times it may entertain you, another time it may threaten you. Every journey is fresh and unique. You cannot compare it with others.You have to be in total awareness in order to get a thrilling experience. The green forest will showcase wonderful things in front of you. It seems the forest is very much interested to treat his/her guests. There are wide variety of items over there. Natural diversity and wild life is the back bone of this place. From shortest blood sucking creepers to tremendous hunters like Tigers were living there. The Lion tailed Macaques were the special species over there. This rich bio diversity corporates with various rivers over there. Kunthipuzha is major one among them.
    If you are a hardcore fan of nature then you shouldn't miss Silent Valley. Get set ready, Silent Valley is waiting for you to showcase  its resources. Get a royal Welcome, the green carpet is ready.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Dubsmash - The New Trend

    Now the youngsters are quite busy, You know why they are nowadays fully engaged in acting. While hearing this, you may think that they are going to enter into films or dramas. It takes a few time for them to act. Its sound strange isn't it ?. Well I am talking about the new application Dubsmash, were it is possible!.
    Dubsmash is a video messaging application developed for Android and IOS mobile platforms. In this application you can create videos of yours for famous dialogs. The Application helps to select different options and you can record your own video for that. After creating your videos, you can also share it on social medias such as Facebook, Whatsup etc.
    This application and its outputs nowadays goes viral on internet.If you are a good actor it can create a wide response among the viewers and create good impression on them.Those who have interest in acting can  use this as an evident for their talent. 
    The app will be available on the following site  use it and explore it yourself.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Impacts made by social medias in case of social Agendas

               Social medias are one of the powerful medias among others. Why this much of importance to social medias? The answer is simple, because of its wide reach to the mass.When a issue is spread across  social medias its speed is limitless. Nowadays a word used to represent that, it is"Viral". People mention it as " the matter going as viral in social medias". It helps to grab the attention of  wide range of people. So this wide reach in short span of helps to inform people easily.
                 There are different kind of situations which need immediate actions. For example if a baby need immediate blood, we could use this medium for informing public . It can be used effectively in man missing cases also. Social medias such as face book , whatsapp  were very much suitable for this. It can be effectively used to make aware of criminals in front of public. The social reforms can also be made strong by social medias. The movement against terrorism, Racism, Child labor, attacks towards children and women , protest against corruption  can be developed through the support of this social medias. The wide publicity act as a support here. 
                  So the advantage of social medias is there what we need to do is to use them properly. We could club this social medias with our Government, Judiciary, Social sectors and finally public. It helps to reduce crimes, it helps to increase social welfare. The government need to create more awareness on people regarding the positive impacts of social medias. Public should be educated. We are living in world which goes with technological explosions.So i would like to put forward a slogan that is " Social medias for social welfare".
                 Social medias play a vital role in current society. Its influence on people is very much. Even though Social medias helps the society in boosting social agendas we need to consider the negative impacts also. The negative impacts were also not less in number. Many anti social people utilizing it and causing tremendous problem to the public.
                 In case of highlighting social agendas the social medias having major role. Some times it manipulate the real matter and helps to reach the wrong information to the people. People having personal interest can utilize this for their own purpose and make people believe their ideas. This can be widely scene in banned organizations. Organizations of terrorists attracts people for their interest. The major thing is that the social medias provide image, video, audio formats so the information passes like this create high influence in people. It also lead to make simple problems into complex ones that also a major problem. The social medias provide a large platforms to represent anonymous comments. People engage in unnecessary fights even without seeing directly. They cant able to understand each other.So through this chain reactions the problems increases and it doesn't find any solution also. This social mediums also make wrong image about people who are true to the public. The support of picture edited through Photoshop also help to make wrong information s, which are actually illusionary
                 So we need to channelize it in proper way. Everything has two sides like coins. We users need to use that in correct way. The cyber section need to be more aware of this. The social medias should be monitored continues manner without effecting the peoples freedom.Lets use the social medias for the welfare of the society.

Friday, 1 May 2015

New Arrival : Range Rover Autobiography LWB Black

                The renowned car makers from England, Range Rover has introduced their new Range Rover Autobiography LWB Black to the Indian market. The car costs 3.75 crore. Both petrol and diesel variants will be available. The petrol variant said to have more value, that is 3.83 cr.
                 This luxury arrival will not disappoint the customers. It comes with wide variety of features. The car consist of long wheel base that liberate 140 mm of extra leg space. The rear seats will recline up to 17 degrees.
The centre armrest houses an electrically operated tabe that has a in built cup holder and a USB port. The entire cabin system will be made up of leather. The car comes with customized front grille.While considering the alloy wheels, it is of 7 spoke and 21 inch . while considering the lighting system, it will provide custom signature tail lights.  It will also provide extra chrome on tail gate. The leather cabin will have 10.2 inch infotainment screen. For superior customer comfortability there will be power sun blinds. Overall this car from the British makers will seem to grab the mind of Indian car lovers.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Lets take a SELFIE..............

 While moving along the milky way The Earth seemed to be with a smile and an eager to do something. Other planets noticed this and one of them asked the earth "what happened". The earth smiled and show them a gesture to come close. They do that but they didn't understand what he is doing. While all come together the earth took his smartphone and took a GRAND SELFIE. While other one who is always smiling took the back position who is known as the Sun. After that grand selfie The Earth uploaded it to the fb with a caption "Rocking With Friends On The Milky Way".
         Friends this is a just funny story but the situation is quiet similar. We are now living in a world of selfies. This selfie phenomenon is now universal. The real socialism is true in the case of the selfies. It is regardless of the boundaries of countries, language, situations, emotions , gender in short all the the divisions. 
         The selfies are the photographs taken from the mobile phone front cameras. The interesting thing is that the front cameras are there from the time mobile cameras entered in to the market. People didn't take care for that during that time, it can be because of its less clarity or limitations of click. Now the situation is changed the selfie became a star. What made it a star is still unknown but it took a deep curve and a tremendous growth. Now small kids and elder people are taking selfies. It became an addiction. Now lets see selfie every were. The ordinary man taking selfie with his friends and the presidents of a country taking selfie with another nation's president during the times of get-together. Lets say the mobile phones are just rotated in 180 degree just because of this selfie. There are even apps in the market only for selfies.Just selfie that is the new age mantra.
       Selfie can be said as a self portrait.It reflect us in front of our selves.What if, if the selfie contribute more to our life?? you may wondering how, simple, in normal selfie we took our physical appearance. Just take a selfie into our life. we are moving ahead in this fast world with maximum speed. Just stop for a moment and think about what we are doing and were we are going. Its an attempt of self introspection to understand ourself. We have so many informations but most of them don't realize their own self. While taking the selfie of our life we understand us very much. When we do that we understand others. It helps us to take care of our behaviors, relationships and most important thing is it regain our genuineness.Each selfie make us remember  our own life. So friends come lets take a selfie.

Friday, 27 March 2015

The Era of Apps - Application Software

        We are now living in a time period which can mentioned as " The era of Apps" because now, the influence of the apps (Application Softwares) were very high in our life. Apps created for the support of every aspects of our work. It include both personal and official work. The easy availability of apps made it more popular. The dominate rs of this age was these apps.
          Lets go a little bit to the origin and development of these apps. Application Softwares were programs that run on mobile, tablet and computer plat forms.They known in a nick name called "Apps". This programs ( Apps) were begin to appear in 2008 and gain immediate popularity. The places were the apps available called stores. It differs from the plat form which the app providing. The major stores available were Apple store, Google play, Windows Phone store etc. The revenue gained through this apps were shared by two parties first one is the App Developer who created the app through his experiments and the second one is the Distribution provider who provide a platform to make it available to the public. 20 to 30% of money earned through this apps go to Distribution provider and rest go to the App developer.The apps may belongs to different category there are educational apps, Social apps, Apps supporting business field, Apps for games, Apps regarding fashion, Apps for spirituality, Sports etc. The categories goes on. There are numerous such categories and each one have different different apps.Gmail, Chrome Browser – Google, Facebook, WhatsApp Messenger, Angry Birds, Skype, Twitter, Adobe Flash Player, Facebook Messenger,Fruit Ninja Free, Street View on Google Maps, Temple Run, Adobe Reader were examples of apps of different category.
          So it is clear that the influence of apps were very much in this time. The apps can be used as a tool for the welfare of the society, it can be both in terms of wealth as well as knowledge. Application make the human tasks easy. It can be used for the purpose of security of those who suffer especially for the safety of women. It can act a valuable medium for information passing during emergency cases. So lets use this APPS to ADD VALUE to Human life.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Festivals of Kerala

        The God's Own Country - Kerala always rich in terms of festivals. Through this celebrations they showcase their culture, art, tradition and happiness to the out side world. It is different in terms of way of conducting, time of conducting, place of conducting but the only intention here is CELEBRATION.
       The major attraction and advantage of such celebrations are nothing but it unite different religions, casts and all other divisions. Festivals of Kerala were rich in terms of colors, music, smells etc. Thus it refresh all the sensory organs and it represent a kind of hope to the people living there. During festive times they forget their sorrows and be one with the joy of celebrations. The festivals of Kerala are based on certain things. Some festivals are based on nature, that is the change of seasons, change of nature etc. VISHU is such a celebration which highly based on the agricultural aspect of Kerala. And Celebrations are also based on Temples such as the "POORAM" which celebrated based on Goddess temples. Certain celebrations are also based on the myths and Puranas or Epic stories
Most of them are based on the victories achieved by heroic people in such stories.
           Through this festivals a new rejuvenated energy enters into the people. This festivals give an opportunity to perform their  talents. Many art forms are performed related to this festive seasons. So this enhance and boost peoples confidence.
      Apart from the cultural and artistic aspects it also boost the Financial side. It opens a wide chance for people and company to market their products. This include small individual sellers and large corporate companies. It leads to high cash flow. This not only attract native people also tourists who are from outside Kerala. This include people from other states and other countries. It provide a huge chance for Kerala to market and promote their products to the outside world. This  festive seasons also provide various kinds of employment opportunities. Now the textile shops, jewelery shops, channels are great beneficiary of the festive seasons.
     So as a conclusion we could say that this festivals of Kerala encourage both cultural, economic aspects.THROUGH THIS THE GODS OWN COUNTRY JUSTIFIES ITS NAME.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Most popular but still missing.............

        Today i would like to talk to you about a man who is the most popular one but still is missing. This man is familiar to everyone in terms of his qualities but still not there. Everybody striving to reach that man but constantly failing. Every time every were the society fix him as a standard. This man having every qualities a human being. So he remains a target to every one. The interesting thing is that even though he is the most wanted one no one found him alive. The whole humanity think that he is some were here or there and hoping that they will get a chance to catch him.
       Who is this man??. Did you have any idea?. OK then i will tell you.This is a concept of an IDEAL MAN exist in society.When a child born to this earth, his/her parents and the rest constantly push him to reach that concept. One who growing up in this well world put his/her full efforts to become this. This ideal man is not an universal man. Because ideal man having certain standard to the place and time were that exist.The society consider one deviating from this has one who lost sensibility. The most deviated man is the most failure(the society consider likewise). The intention here is to create a uniformity even though it is an impossible idea. but it creates a pressure in the society very well. And even though some mange it to some extent, rest lives in complete misery.
       Now lets come to the effect of this tendency or concept to the individual level. One who growing up in the society comes through various levels of this practice. The major reason i bring this aspect of life in front of you is because of its negative effects in individual level. One who going through this passing through severe mental strain. Of course there are people who manage it easily. Some constantly get into suffering then to depression.When it come to such a stage it is dangerous.Another thing that happens through is that people become very ordinary.They think common, act common and pass through this world without marking their own signature. It kills the uniqueness inherent in each and every human being. Every human being is a rare and unique one in himself/herself.It hinders that uniqueness from expressing. People limiting them selves.This do's and don'ts pull back from brave attempts.This things not only limiting the creativity of people but also creating a guilt feeling in them. When people do something deviated from this ideal concept they create a guilt feeling that they have done something wrong or in vain. This constant pretending gives them a mask. Then they live as if they are somebody else. They are losing their genuineness. When somebody expose their real nature they become nervous and lost and fall to the well of feelings and losing total control. This lead to a human being with complete dissatisfaction, insecurity and perfect inferiority complex. Such person will naturally create uncertainty in the world.
       Every human being is born with a  special mission and a set of inherent tendencies. When a person understand himself take efforts to accomplish his mission will only achieve real satisfaction. The journey to discover ourself it self is an amazing journey. That alone will give us happiness. So rather than trying to be an impossible ideal man it is good to explore what is possible to us. A garden with different color flowers is far more beautiful than one with same colors. Lets go beyond our weakness an strengths and become the beautiful and unique flower which the God intended to through us. It is the real worship.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The cat says.........

                   Now i would like to share with you a simple incident in my life. I sometimes accompany my mother during she prepares the fish outside the house. That session contains the cutting and clearing of the fish parts. Thus to prepare it for cooking. As i mentioned earlier that used to happen outside the home. So that there will be more outsiders to witness that process such crows and cats.last few months there were 8 cats who were born on two sets but having the same age. So they will be always a team. During watching this process all the cats will be there together. Most of the times there will be their mothers and other elder cats . So a team of cats will be present during that times. Fish is the favorite food for cats but they stay a little distance away from my mother and me. Actually they are afraid of us. Usually they will wait for the completion of the whole process and will take the remaining little parts. After some days a different thing happened!. A cat from the group who is cute and weak in appearance seem to move closer to us. He is afraid but he seem to be taking risk.But he didn't over come his fear in that day. He improved day by day. Each times he improved. After some days he reached very close to us.  He understood that no need for fearing much. There is no threats in that. Finally after some more days he over came all his fears and became friends to us. Through this  not only his fear disappeared but also he got large parts of fish. The interesting thing was the smallest and weakest cat among the cats succeeded by his brave attempt at the same time the remaining group which contains elders, strong ones remained in the same position of the first day. The hero cat didn't wasted his time in fighting for small parts of food after the completion of the whole process. This continued. His brave attempt made him close to us and he got freedom every were in the home. This also opened door to different different food items and other comforts. I think that the other cats may already  became  envious to the hero....
                  The thing i noticed was, through the act of this little cat it tell us a great lessen. The cat got all his achievements through risk taking. He was different from others in the sense that he faced the brutal. He risked his life but through that he understood that his fear was an illusionary .He thought different and  faced his life. Through this facing he over came his weaknesses. And lived and still living like a king.The cat says us to face the life without any inhibition and to become a hero.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Swami Vivekananda - The true Indian

                   Today, Jan 12 th I would like to write about a genius who lived in India. This man was really a legend who influenced millions of people and awaken them from   their weakness. That man is non other Swami Vivekananda.Today is his 152th birthday.We consider his birthday as an inspiring day to the youth in India. He was really the manifestation of the power of the great Indian culture and Upanishads and Vedas.
               When we remember Swamiji the things comes to our mind were unlimited energy, unlimited knowledge and unlimited love. He influenced many during his life time and still that happening. That was his amazing personality. It will last for ever.The very picture of Swamiji will awaken the ignorant mind.
                    Swamiji was born in kolkatha in Jan 12th 1863. From the child hood itself people noticed him because of  his magnificent personality. From the early times itself he was skilled in sports, singing etc. He was very energetic and brave. After the graduation in philosophy Swamiji met the great Sriramakrishna Paramahamsa. This also because of his never ending thirst to seek the truth. He en-quired to all the legends he met whether they seen the God or not. No one given the satisfieng answer. At last the journey ended in Ramakrishna Paramhamsa . That man told him that he had seen God as clear as he see Swamiji. This amazed  Swamiji and he started his remaing life with Ramakrishna. During that period Swamiji was realized and found answer to all his questions. After the death of his guru, Swamiji went outside to midst of people.
                    Swamji travelled all over India and also to some foreign countries. His chickaco speech was well known. The news papers of America mentioned him as the "Indian Cyclone".  Swamiji was really a hero among the saints. Through him the world saw unlimited power of India. He insisted the people to believe in  them selves. He make them convince that there is know limitation to human power. His religion was really the faith in the self. he told people face the brutal aspects of life. The two things were parallel among his ideas were "faith in the self" and "Unselfish work". He insisted the world that all the power is within the human being so to go ahead. He was multi dimensional personality he is a great philosopher, worker, devotee, and highly knoledged person. All the four paths clubbed together in him.What we need to do is to take what ever we need from his teachings. 
                    Through my blog "Life in 360 Degree" I remember that legendary man. Lets take his teaching and make it useful in our life. I am concluding  this by Swamiji's one of the great theought "AWAKE ARRISE AND STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL IS ACHIEVED".

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

About my blog

Hai all,

        Here through my blog  i would like bring different aspects of life in front of you.I didn't mean to bring and fill it up with life theories and all but to present certain things which make you think about life.This can be an incident from my life, another persons life or from any legend's life. Not only incidents stories, quotes, images, poems, puzzles and the list goes on.It can be any thing, but the intention is to create a spark on you.  The content may make you happy or vise versa can also happen. I would like consider life as it is. No more modifications.Please do approach this blog in an open mind.Your reflection on the topics are very much important so give your valuable comments. Lets share our ideas and make a it use in our life.