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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Lets take a SELFIE..............

 While moving along the milky way The Earth seemed to be with a smile and an eager to do something. Other planets noticed this and one of them asked the earth "what happened". The earth smiled and show them a gesture to come close. They do that but they didn't understand what he is doing. While all come together the earth took his smartphone and took a GRAND SELFIE. While other one who is always smiling took the back position who is known as the Sun. After that grand selfie The Earth uploaded it to the fb with a caption "Rocking With Friends On The Milky Way".
         Friends this is a just funny story but the situation is quiet similar. We are now living in a world of selfies. This selfie phenomenon is now universal. The real socialism is true in the case of the selfies. It is regardless of the boundaries of countries, language, situations, emotions , gender in short all the the divisions. 
         The selfies are the photographs taken from the mobile phone front cameras. The interesting thing is that the front cameras are there from the time mobile cameras entered in to the market. People didn't take care for that during that time, it can be because of its less clarity or limitations of click. Now the situation is changed the selfie became a star. What made it a star is still unknown but it took a deep curve and a tremendous growth. Now small kids and elder people are taking selfies. It became an addiction. Now lets see selfie every were. The ordinary man taking selfie with his friends and the presidents of a country taking selfie with another nation's president during the times of get-together. Lets say the mobile phones are just rotated in 180 degree just because of this selfie. There are even apps in the market only for selfies.Just selfie that is the new age mantra.
       Selfie can be said as a self portrait.It reflect us in front of our selves.What if, if the selfie contribute more to our life?? you may wondering how, simple, in normal selfie we took our physical appearance. Just take a selfie into our life. we are moving ahead in this fast world with maximum speed. Just stop for a moment and think about what we are doing and were we are going. Its an attempt of self introspection to understand ourself. We have so many informations but most of them don't realize their own self. While taking the selfie of our life we understand us very much. When we do that we understand others. It helps us to take care of our behaviors, relationships and most important thing is it regain our genuineness.Each selfie make us remember  our own life. So friends come lets take a selfie.

Friday, 27 March 2015

The Era of Apps - Application Software

        We are now living in a time period which can mentioned as " The era of Apps" because now, the influence of the apps (Application Softwares) were very high in our life. Apps created for the support of every aspects of our work. It include both personal and official work. The easy availability of apps made it more popular. The dominate rs of this age was these apps.
          Lets go a little bit to the origin and development of these apps. Application Softwares were programs that run on mobile, tablet and computer plat forms.They known in a nick name called "Apps". This programs ( Apps) were begin to appear in 2008 and gain immediate popularity. The places were the apps available called stores. It differs from the plat form which the app providing. The major stores available were Apple store, Google play, Windows Phone store etc. The revenue gained through this apps were shared by two parties first one is the App Developer who created the app through his experiments and the second one is the Distribution provider who provide a platform to make it available to the public. 20 to 30% of money earned through this apps go to Distribution provider and rest go to the App developer.The apps may belongs to different category there are educational apps, Social apps, Apps supporting business field, Apps for games, Apps regarding fashion, Apps for spirituality, Sports etc. The categories goes on. There are numerous such categories and each one have different different apps.Gmail, Chrome Browser – Google, Facebook, WhatsApp Messenger, Angry Birds, Skype, Twitter, Adobe Flash Player, Facebook Messenger,Fruit Ninja Free, Street View on Google Maps, Temple Run, Adobe Reader were examples of apps of different category.
          So it is clear that the influence of apps were very much in this time. The apps can be used as a tool for the welfare of the society, it can be both in terms of wealth as well as knowledge. Application make the human tasks easy. It can be used for the purpose of security of those who suffer especially for the safety of women. It can act a valuable medium for information passing during emergency cases. So lets use this APPS to ADD VALUE to Human life.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Festivals of Kerala

        The God's Own Country - Kerala always rich in terms of festivals. Through this celebrations they showcase their culture, art, tradition and happiness to the out side world. It is different in terms of way of conducting, time of conducting, place of conducting but the only intention here is CELEBRATION.
       The major attraction and advantage of such celebrations are nothing but it unite different religions, casts and all other divisions. Festivals of Kerala were rich in terms of colors, music, smells etc. Thus it refresh all the sensory organs and it represent a kind of hope to the people living there. During festive times they forget their sorrows and be one with the joy of celebrations. The festivals of Kerala are based on certain things. Some festivals are based on nature, that is the change of seasons, change of nature etc. VISHU is such a celebration which highly based on the agricultural aspect of Kerala. And Celebrations are also based on Temples such as the "POORAM" which celebrated based on Goddess temples. Certain celebrations are also based on the myths and Puranas or Epic stories
Most of them are based on the victories achieved by heroic people in such stories.
           Through this festivals a new rejuvenated energy enters into the people. This festivals give an opportunity to perform their  talents. Many art forms are performed related to this festive seasons. So this enhance and boost peoples confidence.
      Apart from the cultural and artistic aspects it also boost the Financial side. It opens a wide chance for people and company to market their products. This include small individual sellers and large corporate companies. It leads to high cash flow. This not only attract native people also tourists who are from outside Kerala. This include people from other states and other countries. It provide a huge chance for Kerala to market and promote their products to the outside world. This  festive seasons also provide various kinds of employment opportunities. Now the textile shops, jewelery shops, channels are great beneficiary of the festive seasons.
     So as a conclusion we could say that this festivals of Kerala encourage both cultural, economic aspects.THROUGH THIS THE GODS OWN COUNTRY JUSTIFIES ITS NAME.